Tuesday, 2 October 2007


This was meant to be yesterday's blog but my skanky internet connection dropped out mid-post and wouldn't let me back in. Ggggggrrrrrrr... I've tried changing the date and time in "Post Options" but it seems it doesn't work for an earlier date.

The eye v-e-t visit went O.K. but there's not much they can do about my squint at the moment because things seem to be still changing since my last op., so I have to go back in a couple of months to see if things have stabilised.


Mickey said...

Too bad that you have to go back.I hope things settle down so you don't need more treatment for the squint.

So sad about your friends. So many animals!Is this because of the mortgage problems many people in the U.S. are having,or just bad luck ? They must be sick with worry about the fate of their animals.

If you like I can teleport over and whap the Skanky bloke who dosen't read your blog!!

Fab five said...

Itz furry nice to meet a black cat. We haz no black catz at our house..but if we did I yam sure dey would look like you.
Tanks fur da compimentz on my floofiness! I will try to post a winter floofy shot dat iz certain to impress da vizitorz.
I hope you eye iz OK. We needz our eyez furry much & ezpecially when da mousiez come scurryin' across da floor.
I hopes your frendz farm is saved. Farmz mean a lot, specially if we iz bein' enviro-mental.

Your frend,
Dr Tweety