Sunday, 9 October 2011

My Cooking Sux

His Regal Handsomeness regards me from his position on my keyboard... 

 "He he, you forgot to turn the flash on, didn't ya?  Didn't ya?  *stoopid bean*".

 "Oh noes, what now...?"

"I don't belieeeeve it!"

"Her glasses have popped a lens yet again"


Pinky brought me some lovely fresh vegetables from his garden, which I thought would go beautifully with griddled steak, so last Saturday I went down to the local Co-op to buy Aberdeen Angus beef - one of, if not the, best British beef you can buy, which I knew they sold.

None.  No beef steaks of any kind.  So, made a salad with some of Pinky's tomatoes, plus some cucumber and Greek-style yoghurt, accompanied by tinned salmon dressed with balsamic vinegar.  Nice.

Monday, went back to Co-op.  Just one steak, a British beef sirloin, not specified as Aberdeen Angus and not one of my preferred cuts: fillet, ribeye or rump, but it looked halfway decent so I bought it. 

Couldn't cook on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  Won't bore you with the reason.  Friday came and almost went...  Felt so tired and cold!  I shivered under the duvet.  The Caramels were the bestest, bless their hearts.  Alfie climbed into bed and cuddled up against my tummy, while Simba curled up in the crook of my knees on top of the duvet.  I was the filling in a cat sandwich, gorgeous!  Even so, I shivered, but eventually, zzzzzz...

Early evening I woke to find Alfie gone.  Simba was still in position but as soon as I moved he jumped onto the dressing table and played music on the venetian blinds...

 ...much like he did here in the living room on another occasion.

We went downstairs and got "breakfast" again and oh gosh, last of the Whiskas' Pouches!  This called for an emergency trip to the corner shop.  You may be aware, dear reader, that I'm unsteady on my feet and this was the scariest excursion I've ever made.  Suffice it to say that by the time I got home I was no longer cold.

Saturday I felt better, so I cooked my steak dinner.

Looks okay doesn't it?  Not exactly cordon bleu presentation, but okay.

The flavours were good, BUT...

The steak was as tough as old boots.  The mushrooms were bland and watery.  I ruined the red wine sauce by reducing it too much and then topping it up with too much liquid due to clumsiness.  I overcooked the potatoes (still don't know how) so they came out as hard as bullets (tasted delicious though!).  Pinky's tomatoes were the redeeming feature - they cooked perfectly and were delicious!

I'm opening my restaurant next week.  You are cordially invited to the Grand Opening!

:) xxx