Sunday, 21 October 2007

Fun Sunday

This is for William’s new brother Russell:

I did this a few years ago but I thought Russell might like it (and also, I hope, William, Caroline, Olivia and their Mom). It wasn’t an original idea of mine I’m afraid but was based on this:

This is a design on the front of a pair of pants of mine and I based the drawing and movie on it in Xara because I thought it was a really fun cartoon and I didn’t want to lose it once the pants had reached the end of their life! I scanned the pants into the computer, traced round the image, coloured it etc. and there we have it! This is meant to be the animated version but it won’t animate and if I try uploading it as a video Blogger can’t (or won’t) process it.

If anyone knows if it is copyrighted please let me know and I will acknowledge the copyright holder or remove it if they wish.

Please everykitty go and visit Mylo’s webpage. He’s a cute kitty, just one year old, who lives with his beans in Hampshire, England. He only has one eye and you can read the story about that on his site. He also says in his latest blog that he hates dogs (well, lots of cats do, having had bad experiences) and humans! Please try and persuade him to love at least his own humans! He likes to knock things off his window sill, hehe, and I know lots of you like to knock things off surfaces, just to test the gravity-free zones in the house, of course!

Have a happy and fun Sunday everycat and bean:)


Daisy said...

That's a really cute graphic you made from your pants. I think Russell will love it. I am going to go visit Mylo now!

Mickey said...

That is a really nice graphic,You are very talented :)
I visited Mylo and he has a very cool site.The links are good too.He is such a cute kitty that is winking at you all the time,heehee

michico*Adan said...

That is very very good graphic, I like it very much~!!

Hey, Thank you for also supporting me into the Halloween costume contest~!!!! I am working on it and has entered~!!! Thanks very much.

William said...

Russell loved this! It was very sweet of you to think of him!

Anonymous said...