Sunday, 30 December 2007

Some Reasons Why I Didn’t Blog or Visit Much Over Christmas

Christmas Day

12.42 p.m.

12.44 p.m.

Pinky sits on the floor to use his computer because he finds it easier on his back. It did my back in. I tried to sit on the sofa but the screen was too low for me to read. Duhr! Ergo, I couldn’t visit more than one or two blogs and couldn’t stay long enough even to blog a “Happy Christmas” to you guys. Double duhr!!

Christmas Dinner (duck with apricot stuffing, roast potatoes, asparagus. swede, carrots in orange sauce and roast parsnips washed down with a nice bottle of Cava)

and Shrek 2 on the teevee.

All this was very exhausting, so, at…

8.49 p.m., this was yours truly:

having missed Doctor Who. Triple duhr!!! (Fortunately Pinky recorded it so I didn’t miss it altogether.)

Boxing Day

9.06 p.m.

9.21 p.m.

I think I must have been very tired, lol!

Happy New Year effurrybody and bean:)

P.S. I've been upgraded!

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Saturday, 15 December 2007


I have been a “lurker” rather than a “commenter” this week. This is because I subscribed to Blogines and have been adding my friends to it so I can see when each of you has updated your bloggie. This way I’m hoping I may be able to get round to more of you more often! I’ve been doing this most days for about a week and I’ve only got as far as the “Fs”. Doh. Well, I do have to stop and read your postings before I add you to my feeds, don’t I? But I’m sorry not to have commented much (or possibly at all? Dunno). I’m very new to feed readers and have yet to figure out how to make mine own bloggie readable in a feeder. Maybe it happens automatically when you join one? Dunno yet, lol!

I’m still sleeping for England, so what with one thing and another I’m even more behind on getting ready for Christmas than usual (like, I haven’t written one single card yet, how bad!!!).

Anyhoo, Pinky emailed this video to me. This is the way to greet your beans, hehe!

Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did!

Have a lovely weekend.

Monday, 10 December 2007

Man Flu, ha ha ha!

I seem to be going over the top a bit with posting videos today but I’ve just got this one in my email and I just had to share it.

I don’t know if it’s the same all over the world, but here in England when a woman has a cold, she has a cold; but when a man has a cold, he has “man flu”!!! As Jeter would say, I’m laffin and laffin *wiping tears of laughter from eyes*.

Hope you’re all having a good Monday. The weather’s cheered up a bit here but over the weekend it was absolutely pants – torrential rain and gale force winds. I didn’t dare so much as poke my nose outside the door for fear of getting blown over, lol! It was a meteorological repeat of the weekend before. I had intended to do a “Thankful Thursday” on Thursday but come the day I was feeling too grumpy. In the gales of the previous weekend my dustbin had taken flight, never to be seen again (at least, not by me!). Rubbish collection day is Thursday where I live, so on our way back from the Eye Hospital on Tuesday we bought a new bin (well, I did, and Pinky kindly carried it home for me). Imagine my chagrin when I took the rubbish out on Wednesday afternoon, reached for the lid of my smart new dustbin, and found my hand clutching a lid-sized empty space! Duhr! Brand new dustbin, which cost me very nearly £17, had flown away, never to be… Well, I’m sure I don’t need to finish that sentence. Like I can afford to “throw away” 17 squids:-(

Ah well, that’s life!

Some Funny Videos I Came Across…

…to cheer you up if you don’t like Mondays!

Toilet Roll Play

Robby and the Toilet Paper

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Cute and Adorable

Sheep Jumping On Bed

emailed me the link to this video, which made me go all squeeeeeeeeeee-y so I just had to share it with y’all. Also I have an innernet friend called “Wind Dance” and her farm is called “Wind Dance Farm” so I was struck by the coincidence that the credits at the end of the video say that the lamb lives at “Wind Dancer Ranch”. I asked Wind Dance if this is, in fact, her lamb but she said she isn’t, but it’s the sort of thing that could happen at her place! Wind Dance hand-rears any baby animals that are born on her and her husband’s farm who are rejected by their mothers or whose mothers can’t rear them for some reason.

I got this beautiful golden rose at Miss Peach’s lovely tea party. Miss Peach said that it is a magic rose and if you put it in water overnight it would become six beautiful golden roses, which could be shared with anyone you think has a peachy heart of gold. I would really like to give a rose to everykitty in the blogosphere because you’re all so lovely but as that would take a squillion years I would like to share with:

Chase because she is a gentle, loving cat who has become a Therapy Cat, which I think is wonderful. Also some mean person copied a photo of her off her blog and posted it on another website and wrote mean things about her, which upset her and her Mommy very much, so I hope this lovely rose will help to cheer them up. Poor little cat, it’s not her fault that she suffered such bad injuries when she was only 4 weeks old. She is in no pain now and has not let it get her down or spoil her lovely, friendly personality. How can some humans be so nasty and mean? If they think they are being funny, well, they’re not.

Timothy Dickens because he is also a Therapy Cat and his blog is always interesting and heart-warming.

Marilyn MonREOSE oops MonREOW because she’s a very polite, nice cat who writes super poetry for her mancat Mickey Mantle.

William because he’s the first blogging cat I came across and he’s a handsome black cat like my beloved Oliver. I love his blog and his antics and those of his sisfurs and brofur.

Mickey because he’s a handsome black cat like my beloved Oliver and I love his blog, particularly his Thursday Thirteen Expressive Cats.

Last but by no means least, Karen Jo because she brings so much joy to the blogosphere with her kitty limericks and she needs something nice because she is having a really bad time at the moment.

There are so many more deserving kitties and beans but, like Miss Peach hopes, I’m sure this will eventually get round to you all:)

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Tiggy the Talking Cat

I first saw this video on the Richard and Judy Show when they had a series featuring funny videos and viewers were invited to vote on their favourites. This was #1 for the whole series until the very end, when it was just toppled off the #1 place by this:

Although having said that, I’ve just been back to the site to check and it seems that Tiggy did in fact win, though it’s hard to tell as the programme is not currently showing and there’s no date on the page to show which week’s listing they are showing, but I presume it must be the last one of the series. Christian the lion and his reunion with his carers came second. The programme managed to trace Tiggy and her human and, if memory serves me well (which it probably doesn’t coz I’ve been asleep since then!), she is an 18 year-old cat living in the north of England somewhere (Blackpool perhaps?) and Richard was so taken with her he had to watch the video every night before going to bed!

The lion video is poor quality because it is very old, but it’s so heart-warming it makes me go all squeeeeeee-y! The description under the video on MySpace is, Description: So, this lion, Christian, was taken care of by these two people here but eventually he grew too big so they released him into the wild. A year later they went looking for him to visit him and they found him...”

The original source is the Born Free Foundation and they had the story and the video on their website at the time Richard and Judy were doing their weekly “Funny Five” but unfortunately they seem to have been removed, presumably to make room for more recent stories. The Born Free Foundation does great work for animals all over the world. I think the white-haired and bearded man you see briefly in the video is George Adamson. I’m sure many of you will have seen the lovely film Born Free starring Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna and you can see the Born Free Foundation’s history here. My first husband was born and raised in Kenya and he knew George and Joy Adamson.

Hope you are all having a great Toesday or Tattle Tail Tuesday! I had intended to catch up on as many blogs as possible this evening, but for some reason found myself doing this blog instead – oh, I know what it was, I got an email with a link to this and in the panel to the right was the Tiggy video, so I just had to watch her again and share her with you! Fortunately I found her on MySpace too so I could post the actual video, not just the link.

Monday, 3 December 2007

Monday Musings

Here I am, blogging in the comfort of warm slippers, thanks to Pinky! The slippers are somewhat worn out, some of the cozy lining has worn away, but they’ll do for a bit longer and if I get some sheepskin insoles, even longer, ha ha! It’s not like I’m a miser or anything, it’s just that I’m really mean on a very low income so I have to make things last as long as possible!

Mickey asked about the “black” in rum and black. The black is blackcurrant cordial, e.g. Ribena. You may call the concoction something different in Canada and Mericky, or maybe you eschew the “black” in favour of something else, such as Coke, as Mickey mentioned he had heard of that. Personally I can’t stand Coke, in rum or on its own, but here is an interesting factoid I picked up from a lovely innernet cat-breeder friend (sorry, I can’t find a direct link to her – I thought she was in my “Places I Like to Visit” but it seems not) but she and lots of lovely animal webcams and bean webcams can be found here. Well worth a visit because the cams stream in real time and most of them have chat rooms. Back to the factoid. Apparently Coke (original recipe, not diet variety and not other brands) contain every nutrient you need to stay alive, but the Coke has to be flat for it to work. I don’t know where this info comes from or if it has ever been put to the test. I keep meaning to Google it and then get distracted into something else! Ha, I’ve just found the link; it’s (she breeds Tonkinese cats and they are awesome. She only broadcasts when she has a growing litter).

Somecats have noticed that I have a new banner on my blog (it still needs a bit more tweaking) featuring three cats. These are, looking from left to right (and in the order in which I served them) Oliver:


and Cybil:

One day (or rather, over several postings) I will tell their stories. They were all wonderful cats. Strangely, none of them were nipheads. I would have thought the odds against this were fairly rare. I feel another poll coming on… Anyhoo, Oliver was the inspiration for my nickname “Black Cat” because he shared my life at a time when I was a CB’er and I chose “Black Cat” as my handle. I was the original Black Cat (in the area where I live at least) although bean Black Cats have proliferated all over the place since then! Pinky was the “Pink Panther”, which got shortened to “Pinky”, and he gets called this by our friends probably as much or more as by his given name!

Miles: thanks for telling me about your hoodie. Seeing you relaxing with your meezermom while wearing it made me go “Sqeeeeee, awwwwww”! The hole in the back for a leash sounds like a good idea so you could wear it out walking on a cold day but a pocket on the back? I’m with you there, like you could get your paw round to it. You’d have to be a contortionist! Or, if you felt in need of a Temptation or some nip that you had put in there to sustain you during the walk, you would have to roll on your back on the cold ground and shake them out of the pocket. Duhr, I don’t think so!

Diamond: you asked why I have a bunny rabbit on my MySpace page. Dunno, I just came across it somewhere on the innernets and liked it. I love all animals (though bugs, not so much, though I respect their right to life) and a bunny with tiger furs just seemed cute. I know it must be photoshopped but it’s cool, IMHO:)

I have a question but I see I’ve “rabbited” (no pun intended) on for quite long enough so I’ll save it for another day.

Oh, another question (probably rhetorical) which I won’t save for later. I am wondering why a website called “crescenet” is commenting in mine bloggie and in Portuguese too. If they want me to sign up for something, they’re out of luck coz I don’t speak Portuguese, ha ha! I’m sure they’re lovely people, but come on guys, I don’t understand you, sorry!

Enjoy the rest of today everykitty and have a nice Toes Tuesday. I’m off to the Orthoptics Department tomorrow so keep you paws crossed that mine eyes can be uncrossed, lol!

Sunday, 2 December 2007


Thank you to all who commented on my Toesday. They were all funny and informative. Karen Jo had a great suggestion, which was to use a shoelace by poking the plastic end through the holes, sewing round then tying off. I was about to go hunting for shoelaces when along came Pinky to the rescue. Knowing how clumsy I am, he was afraid I would trip over and hurt myself (again) so he confiscated the slippers, took them away and returned them all mendified!

Rum and black? These are tools for slipper mending? Oh silly me, of course, the cobbler needs liquid refreshment to improve concentration and accuracy…

Great!!! Thank you Pinky:)