Sunday, 30 September 2007

Profile Picture, yay!

Yay! I've finally managed it - I've got a profile picture up!

Oh dear, I seem to have done a "Tripper"! Not sure how that came about - must be the excitement of finally cracking the profile image thing. I'm so excited, this blogging is great fun and a great way to learn stuff. Plus, and even more importantly, there are so many great cats and beans out there who I feel are real friends. I would especially like to thank Skeezix and Daisy for their help, support and encouragement, but there have been lots more of you too. You know who you are...:) :)

BTW, does anyone know who this cat is? I have enjoyed this video at least 3 times a week for 2 or 3 months now!
"Oh My Dog".

Saturday, 29 September 2007

Very Blonde!

This is a picture of Mickey which I came across on his bloggie and it struck me how much he looks like Oliver; even the pose is similar. Hope you don’t mind me copying your picture dear Mickey.

I’m having yet another very blonde couple of days… The adorable Skeezix told me how to fix the aspect ratio of my silly picture in my blog, which I did, but the picture is still messed up, changing its width doesn’t seem to have made any difference. Oh well, I’m thinking of removing it anyway, I’m a bit sick of the sight of it (apart from William’s ears)!

Some of you may have noticed that my template has changed. This is because I thought I’d tweak some of the HTML while I was changing the width of the picture. Yikes, what was I thinking of?! Me, tweaking HTML? So anyhow, I completely messed up and couldn’t find my way back to where I’d altered the code. Doh, only solution was to load another template!

In other news, I had a little windfall the other day and so I hope there might be a digital camera out there with my name on it; not that I’ve got anything interesting to photograph, but hopefully I can find some things out there to photograph and so break up the monotony of all this text, ha ha! I wished I had a DC the other day when I came home because next door’s cat George and Missy from round the corner were having a little social in George’s front yard and they looked so cute.

George followed me into my house one evening a few years ago. I didn’t know she (yes she is a girl cat despite her name!) lived next door then so I phoned the number on her collar tag and her bean said just to let her out of the front door and she’d come home when she was ready. This is a residential street but there is a lot of traffic so I wasn’t really happy about this, but her bean declined my invitation to come and fetch her so I had no alternative. The two cats who have lived with me here, William and Cybil, were never allowed out the front door. I suspect William did get into the street sometimes because he was athletic and could jump the garden walls, but if he did, I never saw him out there and he always came home via his cat flap in the back door. Cybil hardly ever went out and on the rare occasions she did, she would be out there for no more than ten minutes, then she would come in and make straight for her litter box! Apparently the outside world was not suitable for her to pee or poo in, bless her.

Missy often accompanies her bean part of the way to the shops, then turns round and goes home. She’s a very sensible cat because she will only let strangers pet her when her bean is present.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007


I am gradually compiling my blogroll so if you don't see yourself there and you know I'm one of your readers, please don't be offended!

Sunday, 23 September 2007

House Arrest!

Yesterday afternoon I wanted to go down to the shop to get some wine and something for dinner (like you do) when I found I couldn’t get out of the house. The front door was stuck and it wasn’t going to be opened. It would not yield to my polite entreaties. It would not yield to my impolite entreaties (which involved shouting at it and calling it a lot of names on the List of Naughty Words) and it would not yield to all my frantic tugs, which became so frenzied I was afraid I was going to break my wrists (again!). At first I thought, “Ah well, no wine tonight my girl and it won’t be the first time you haven’t eaten all day. Then I suddenly thought, “Crappity, crappity crap, suppose the house catches on fire and I can’t get out?”. So onto the phone I get to my BB Pinky (he so newly released from hospital) to come to the rescue. I felt very guilty, but the medics do say he should take exercise…

So bless his cotton socks, he jumps into his car and comes along to Chez Black Cat, aka The Crazy House, and manages to push and kick the door hard enough to open it. (This will obviously have given his heart a good workout, I hope!) He had brought along a plane and after shaving about two inches off the door sill it became (just) possible for me to open the door without (a) breaking my wrists or (b) swearing.

I managed to open it again today in order to pull up the weeds which were growing right outside the front door, in the concrete, would you believe…? No, the weeds were not the cause of the blockage, it was that the wood which the door is made of had swollen. Crappity crap door! I want to sell this house…erm, any interested, prospective buyers? Going cheap…

In other news, I still don’t seem to have managed to add a picture to my profile, despite following the excellent advice of my good friend Skeezix and all the (so-called) help files in Blogger. *Sigh*. But while I thought I was fairly computer-literate, I know nothing of HTML or Java script, so the more I think I know, the more I know I don’t! It’s fun learning anyhoooooJ

Saturday, 22 September 2007

The Original Black Cat

This is the cat who I was privileged to live with and who inspired my nickname. Love you forever darling Ollie :)

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Chuffed to bits again!

Somecats and humans have read my blogs! This blogging is cool, I’m amazed at the welcome I’ve received and all the help and encouragement you cats have given me. My previous blog was meant to be funny, but I think some whingeiness may have appeared to be underlying it. Well, while it’s obviously frustrating to be unable to do all you want to do, I did find the various anomalies very funny. And I’m very happy to have the astrological sign Zwilling now that the gorgeous Dragonheart has explained to me that it means “twins” in German so it isn’t, after all, a constellation in a far, far away galaxy! In fact at the time of writing that blog I was feeling anxious because my Best Beloved was in hospital, having had an easth aes esth, erm, some sort of heart attack, but yay, he’s okay and back home now!

In other news, I’ve been experiencing a lot of little coincidences lately. Like the other night I was chatting to WindDance in her camstream room and the subject of horses being sent to abattoirs came up, which is something we both hate the thought of. Anyway, earlier today I was listening to the radio and there was a discussion about how racehorse owners often send their horses to be slaughtered once they are too old to race and people send their children’s ponies to be slaughtered when the children grow too big for them if they can’t sell the pony on. This is right here in the UK. I had no idea this was going on. How could anyone send a perfectly healthy horse or pony, who has given them service and trust, to be murdered? My cousin’s daughter’s husband used to be a show-jumper and did he send his horses to be slaughtered? No way, he still has them, they are known as “the pensioners” and they are loved and cared for. They get up to mischief too, but that’s another story… Anyway, while listening to this discussion I was doing a puzzle and the “get you started” word was “abattoir”. That’s just one example of the little coincidences I’ve been experiencing lately!

Sunday, 16 September 2007

OK, it's official - I'm an alien

According to my Profile my astrological sign is Zwilling...*sigh*. As I have never heard of such an astrological sign, I can only think I must come from another planet, or even another galaxy. I've always suspected this to be the case but I kinda sorta feel this confirms it.

I have been driving the adorable
Skeezix bananas with my constant questions about the problems I'm having... such as bits of German and Latin creeping into the various set-up windows, my inability to get to grips with creating a blogroll, my inability to get to grips with... well, just about everything really, lol! I'm obviously a very thick alien...

It's probably because I never really intended to set up a blog until I am able to share my life with a cat again, so the Mind of Blogger is telling me I'm premature. But it just sorta, kinda happened... I needed a Google account to post comments on some blogs and, well, erm, suddenly I found I had an embryonic blog and the thing just ran away with me. It's not even as if I have anything interesting to say, I'm the dullest person I know, hehe! I do have some doolally dreams though, but I'll save those for another time (you'll know from the blog title if one's coming up so you can avoid reading it!).

I do have a MySpace blog but I don't post to that very often. I needed to join MySpace so I could read my Camstreaming friends' blogs... *sigh*, where does it all end...

But yay!
William likes my ears, thank you William! And as you will see to the right, they are William's ears; not William of MD's ears, but the ears of my much beloved chocolate Burmese, who was also called William. My BB (Best Beloved - thanks to Sarah Kennedy for this, I hope she doesn't mind me plagiarizing it) aka OAFH (Once and Future Husband) aka Pinky chose William's ears as they were a nearer match for my hair and he was a fruitbat! But my nickname, Black Cat, comes from my much adored black cat Oliver, who looked very much like our WMD! One day I will tell you his story.

Sorry this post is so long.

Friday, 14 September 2007

Chuffed to Bits!

I'm chuffed to bits! I've had two comments already to my very first blog on Blogger. Yay! Thanks guys, you rock!

I'm now off to the adorable Skeezix's Help Centre...:)


I'm so excited because I've already had 3 comments to this posting. You cats are definitely the bees' cats' knees. Thank you all so much for welcoming me (a mere hooman bean) into your blogosphere:) I have been reading as many cat blogs as I can manage for several months now and I just love you all! xxx

Thursday, 13 September 2007

The First Folly

This is my first Blogger blog. Yay! If anyone reads this, please bear with me, I'm new to this. Lots to learn...

All for now.