Saturday, 26 December 2009

Chrissy Mouse Dinner

I cooked a chicken yesterday for me and the cats to share. The cats didn't appear for their share (which surprised me) so I tucked in anyway, came back for seconds, then fell asleep (as you do!). When I woke up I felt too tired to do anything but tuck the rest of the chick-hen up in foil, thinking it would be safe as the kitties didn't seem interested...

Wrong!!! When we came down this morning, the foil was on the floor and the bird had a very "gnawed" look!

Now I'm not noted for my cooking or carving prowess, but even I had made a better job of hacking bits off the meat than this! I told myself I had only myself to blame and proceeded to serve out the cats' breakfasts. They jumped up as usual, sniffed their bowls, then jumped down and flopped on the kitchen floor... This is unprecedented! The Caramels uninterested in breakfast? I think the culprits have been found!

This looks to me like a very chickenful kitty...

I am now going to cut off all the gnawed bits and eat the rest. Please keep paws crossed for my future health!

Happy Boxing Day friends!

:) xxx

Friday, 4 December 2009

A Visitor

This is "White Stripe", our most frequent visiting cat. I call him White Stripe because of the white markings under his eyes. He looks like he's wearing war paint (fitting, as you may agree if you read on). He likes to come in, run up and down the climbing pole and play with the catnip mice and other toys. We're all cool with this except when he tries to eat the Caramels' food, when we draw the line. (He's out of luck most of the time because Alfie and Simba don't often leave any food!)

The other night though there were some kibbles left in the bowls. I was in the kitchen when in he sauntered, cool as you please, jumped straight up onto the work surface and started scoffing Alfie's kibbles. I said, "No" firmly, picked him up and put him gently on the floor, whereupon he turned on me and did this:

After saying "Ouch", followed by many words on the Naughty Word List and washing my hands thoroughly, I chased him towards the cat flap. There he stopped, turned and looked up at me defiantly and started to hiss and growl at me! Enter my hero Alfie, all bushed up and screeching like a banshee! He leapt at White Stripe, who beat a hasty retreat through the cat flap!

I thought we had probably seen the last of him, so imagine my surprise when I woke up on Wednesday morning to see White Stripe picking his way along my row of chests of drawers, sniffing everything and knocking the odd book onto the floor as he progressed. When he reached the wall he turned round and went all the way back, finally jumping down. He then went all round the bedroom investigating everything thoroughly, before jumping onto my dressing table, where he sat for some time looking out of the window through the holes that the Caramels have made in the net curtains to facilate their own neighbourhood watches.

I just wish I had had my camera to hand!

Alfie, who was on the bed throughout, just completely ignored him! I think it would have been a different story if he had jumped on the bed...

Incidentally, we haven't seen "Pole Cat" for ages. I think he and White Stripe might be brothers. They are both ginger and white and are about the same size and age. Pole Cat is a gentle, friendly soul, quite different in temperament, though he, too, loves the catnip mice and the climbing pole. I hope he's okay. I can't find a photo of him. I thought I'd taken some but all I can find are pics of White Stripe! Perhaps they're alter-egos of one and the same cat, like Hendrix and Bendrix!

We haven't seen "Scruffy Fluffy" lately either.

Nor "Pretty Lady", who seemed to fancy Simba (with good reason, he's a handsome and tolerant cat).

I hope they're both okay too.

:) xxx

Friday, 6 November 2009

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Easy Like Sunday

All we want is a little peace in this world.

Spot the cat taking it easy in the junk stuff

Have a super easy Sunday evfurrbody!

:) xxx

Friday, 21 August 2009

Unkel Pinky's Purrfday

It were Unkel Pinky's Purrfday yestiday (well akshully Wensdy coz at the tiem of publishing it am now Frydy) and tha Noo Mummy furgot to phone or Skype him! Can yuo buhleev it! Afftur orl he hav dun fur her! But it may hav bin a 'ickle bit owr falt. See, tha NM woz verry verry tyred (she offtin is, coz she am a fat lazy cow eesily fateeged purson) and she sleeped and sleeped and sleeped and we sleeped and sleeped and sleeped wiv her, cuddled up on eyever syde of her, untill I, Alfie, woak up and sor dat Simba and Chaesed him off, wich woak up tha NM so she had to get owt of bed and giv us brekfist agin!

Then arftur she had drank severeeryal cupps of koffee and settelled in frunt of tha telly and tha laptop, she sor this:

and then this:

and that's tha cloesest she hav efvur seen us tugevvur wivowt us whapping eech uvver, so arftur she had weelded tha flashy boks, she parsed owt wiv a big grin on her fase. Stoopid Noo Mummy!

:) xxx

Pee Ess. Pleez vissit Lucy, a sweet noo blogger, kthxbai!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Mancat Monday

It's verry manly to wellcum yuor Mum's laetest junk stuff into tha howse by 'dopting it as yuor own...


:) xxx

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Thundering Herd of Elephants


Is you still there wiv that flashy boks thingy?

We has been duing Fundering Hurd of Elyfants up and down da stares and up and down da stares and up and down da stares for about an howr dis morning from about harf past just braking dawn. And eech tiem I camed down da stares I went up da pole, HARHARHAR!!!

Da Noo Mummy cudn't get the flashy boks ready kwik enuff eech tiem to get a pikshur of me at da top of da pole, coz I goes up and comes down reelly, reelly farst, but she got dis one, heh heh:

It's blurry coz I was muving so farst!

Da Simba declined to go up da pole coz he am a wimp!

Den after we had tired owrselfs owt,

just a cuppla minnits later the visiting "pole cat" caem in and went up and down da pole and up and down da pole and up and down da pole,

and den he played wiv our catnip meeces! Wot a nurve!

Da Pole Cat has grate whiskers tho, I has to admit them's are almoest as long as mien and dey am not as wild, but I lieks my wild whiskers!

He has da laser eyes

but da NM says he gave her a sweet look, as if to say, "Thank you for letting me play". Blech!

Anyhoo, we has to go now coz da Blogger am givving us greef; it keeps eeting owr tekst and pikshurs and signichers and font deffinishuns and stuff and we dussn' kno why. Da NM have tried to find dem lorst amung the HTML but dem issen't dere ieffur. Doh! Oops, da NM am saying Rood Werds! Cloes yur eers Simba, yuo am too yung fur dis langwije (not that I caer, HARHARHAR!). We had moer pikshurs to show frum dis morning, but we carn't taek any moer aggreevashun, so hav a nise weekend everycat and dawg and hammy and bean and evfurry wun...

for Alfie, whose signature has mysteriously disappeared...

:) xxx