Sunday, 28 October 2007

No Candy!

I got this badge from Kimberley at Petroville:

It means I have pledged not to eat any candy/sweets/chocolate bars etc. until at least 7th November. I was doubtful about signing up for it until I read Kimberley’s answer to one of her commenters that cookies don’t count as candy. In fact I feel a bit of a cheat because I hardly ever eat sweets or chocolate anyway so won’t really miss them. Also I don’t do Halloween so won’t be tempted by buying sweets for trick-or-treaters. Go to her site and see what it’s all about. She has a really cool site which is well worth a visit or eleventy-seven, even if you have no intention of eschewing the sugary stuff! I’m not sure if catnip counts as candy… Nah, it can’t do, can it? I mean, it’s not sweet (I don’t think) and its effects seem to be more like a drug than a candybar.

Something has made me cry today and it’s Miss Peach’s fading strength. I so know what her Mommie is going through. I hope she doesn’t mind that I copied this picture from her latest update and added these words:

Something made me smile and that was Boy’s Mummy’s ginger kitty socks, which are definitely on my wish list:)

And something made me laugh till my sides ached and that was Skeezix’s Thursday Thirteen. Seems his Food Lady is royalty too because she has Ethelred the Unready in her ancestry and he was a King here in England, wowee! At least I think he was. Too tired to Google him right now… *yawn*… 5.53 a.m. GMT. Yay! The clocks have gone back this morning. That means when I wake up at 3 p.m. it’ll only be 2 p.m., heehee! I love it when the clocks go back, it feels like proper time to me. The only downside is that it gets dark at 4 p.m. Oh well, you can’t have everything… Night night all, or should I say good morning?


Christine and FAZ said...

We have been shedding so many tears in this house too. Little Miss Peach is a dear favourite of ours. FAZ

Daisy said...

You are very strong to give up candies during Halloween! My Mommie bought waaaaay too much chocolate for Halloween, and will probably end up eating lots of it herself. This would be a mistake for her diet, I think.

I am very sad about Miss Peach, too. I wish she would eat and get stronger.

Dragonheart said...

The clocks went back here in Germany too, but didn't in North America, so we have to remember that the time difference isn't the same as it normally is, for the next week.

I am purring and praying hard for Miss Peach.

MoMo said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. Our clock has gone forward as yours has gone back. How confusing! I am new to blogging and therefore don't know Miss Peach but she really sounds like a nice kitty and we all hope things go well with her and her family.

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

Cats cannot eat chocolate. As long as I do not have to forgo my Greenies or my Temptations or my Nip, I do not have a problem with no sweets.

I do not know why you have problem with my blog, but otherpets seem to save some problem, so I have been repurrrrting my posts on Blogger. If it is helpful, you can comment there.

William said...

I wish we could have changed our clocks today because I'm certain it means more snuggle time and seemingly earlier dinner. Obviously whoever dreamed this nonsense up does not like cats.

Anonymous said...

My mommy doesn't like candy either.
Me and Mom are praying real hard for
our sweet Miss Peach.

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

The LL can't give up candy. She gave up all baked goods with flour so she made sure she has candy she can eat. I don't mess with the LL and chocolate.


Cheysuli said...

We are also purring for Miss Peach. It is not a good situation.

Mickey said...

Give up candy? YOU tell Mom that,heehee
I am worried about Miss Peach.Mom also has past experience with a cats with symptoms very much like Miss Peach :(
Good to have lots of support from the blogosphere :)
Cheers for now,take care!!!

The Furry Kids said...

We're very sad about Miss Peach, too. :( Momma hasn't bought any candy yet - because she's always tempted to eat it way before Halloween. hee hee


michico*Adan said...

We don't have any halloween candy here, also~ But my heart is feeling in holiday~! Because I got you, my friends~! You are my best treats~!

I am also praying and purring so hard for Miss Peach, wish she and Karla can better and better.

Caesar and Princess said...

We hope MissPeach makes a full recovery. We have been soo sad.

it is too late to not eat the candy... our mommie already ate a lot.

Fab five said...

Happy Hall-o-ween Black Kity-Kat.
Today iz your day!!! Mebbe yur momma will let you have a virtual snicker-doodle?

-Dr Tweety

Anonymous said...

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