Sunday, 6 April 2008

Snowy Sunday

It snowed today! I haven't seen snow for about eleventy-five years (not that I mind, coz I'm unsteady enough on my feet without having slippery stuff under them). I wanted to take photos but by the time I was up, washed and dressed it had stopped snowing and was beginning to melt. Pinky, however, was up early because he was going to a computer market, so he did take photos. He reckoned we had about 3 inches.

Sorry to my American and Canadian friends; this must be so boring for those of you who have had months of snow.

Take care all:) xxx

P.S. To change the subject completely, is anyone else fed up with reality TV? OK, new production of Oliver. Cast Oliver and Nancy already, don't subject us to all the auditions! I know my TV has an off switch or I can change channels but I'm just waiting for the next programme and there was nothing I wanted to see on another channel which didn't overlap. Going now, Tiger - Spy in the Jungle just starting...

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

No Blog from Me on April Fools' Day (or is there, hehehe?)

There is no blog here, but just in case there is, have a happy day effurrone! :) xxx