Thursday, 9 June 2011

What Sea?

Skype conversation between Pinky and Black Cat:

08/06/2011 22:47:55 Pinky: Allo singletude?
22:49:06 Black Cat: Wot?!
22:49:55 Pinky: As you're one you're a singletude as opposed to a multitude!
22:50:29 Black Cat: Oh, I get it... :)
22:51:07 Pinky: Great, let's all hold hands and get in touch with the living (rofl)
22:54:02 Black Cat: Or time travel while gardening, watch Not Going Out and generally keep up with one's loony best friend, lol! (rofl)
22:55:10 Pinky: Don't follow Not Going Out, am watching a recording about Britain's secret seas
22:56:20 Black Cat: Oh, well, NGO is very funny!
22:56:50 Black Cat: Erm, wot secret seas?
22:58:23 Pinky: Broadcast on 29th May. Just seen a sequence about life under the Palace Pier
23:01:29 Black Cat: That's not a secret sea, that's the Channel, or the North Sea, or the Atlantic Ocean or summat! The Irish Sea maybe?
23:02:18 Pinky: Well I dunno about you, but I live by the seaside
23:02:58 Black Cat: Yeah dood, but what seaside?!
23:03:35 Pinky: Brighton seaside
23:05:23 Black Cat: Bristol Channel? Med? Caribbean? Brighton Aquarium? Wot the 'eck is our local sea, lol!?!
23:06:30 Pinky: The Brighton Aquarium is on land silly
23:06:49 Black Cat: Face it, you don't know, you's googling!!!
23:07:08 Pinky: No I'm not!!
23:08:42 Black Cat: The Brighton Aquarium is not on land, it's under water, that's how fish piss in it!
23:09:09 Pinky: Yes, but the water is on land!
23:10:32 Black Cat: No it can't be, it's water for Ceiling Cat's sake!
23:10:59 Pinky: Eh!
23:11:20 Black Cat: Wait one, going 2 da l'eau...
08/06/2011 23:11:34 Pinky: Love it

Later I pointed out to Pinky that all seas are on land (think about it...) therefore the Brighton Aquarium, being full of sea water, could be a (very small) sea, hee hee!


:) xxx