Saturday, 4 July 2009

The Caramel Cats* Settle In...

We hav now bin wiv tha Noo Mummy fur three wekes and am lyking it heer. She spoyls us heeps and we hav lodes to eet and we sleeps on her’m bed.

She am untidy but we doan't mynd coz she am luffing. Tha Simba and me doan't lyke to be too close togefur, evfun tho the Former Daddy sed we woz furriends and offtin slept togefur. Uncle Pinky finks dis maybee coz afore, we woz yoonited in owr scairtniss of tha dawgs. We doan't noe, orl we noes is thet theer izzen't no dawgs heer, so we'm feels saef wiv tha NM and we haz tiem to sort owt owr hyerk hiarc heerark pekking order. I yam appurrintly tha scairty kitteh but wen it cums to that Simba, I yam tha Boss Cat! Iffen I mete hims fase to fase, I staers at hims and iffen hims doan't bak orf I whaps him! Tha NM tryes to maek peas butwene us and it am werking up to a poynt, but I doan't noe iffen I kan evfur git ovfur mine jellussy wen I sees her luffing on hims, evfun tho he duzzen't attak me wen she am luffing on me. Wot do yuo finks kittehs, iz I owt of order heer?

And naow we hav bin heer long enuff we kan go owtside wen we wonts. In fakt sinse larst Sunday we bin alowd owt so effun tha Simba has stopt distroying stuff wot tha NM put up to stop hims brakeing tha katflapp, tho evfun so him mannajed to brake off tha trimm rownd it, heh heh!

Heer am tha Simba surveying hims handywerk, heh heh!

Tha Simba also likes to trash the trash!

Tho he hazzen’t dun it sinse we woz allowd owt and he am karm now. Too karm! I woz hopeing dat wen he went owt, he wood run awae and leev me to have mine Noo Mummy to mineself. Not so, dang!

Dis yam tha boks wot furmed part of tha barryer. It yam strong and fule of hevvy kutlerry. Tha Simba, evfun tho he yam smorl and littel, mannajed to nok it down and choo tha lidd! Orl tha kutlerry fel owt. Tha NM shood have took a pikshure of that, coz it allmoest maed me prowd of That Simba, heh heh!

Anyhooways, I pwomisst to tell yuo wot happend wen tha NM and tha Unkle Pinky pikked us up frum the Former Dadees. Oah, we laffed and laffed, evfurn tho we woz so nervuss! It woz a klassik manoover... Theer attenshun woz on tha Simba coz he woz stikking hims pors outta tha bars of him's PTU alla tha tiem. Tha Unkle Pinky woz starting tha enjin of tha red masheen on weels and tha NM woz farsenning herm seetbelt, wen, orl of a sudden, tha Unkle Pinky sez, "Alfie's loose!!!" They cood not bileev it coz theer iz no moer than wun inch at tha moast gap wen tha frunt dore of tha PTU iz poosht to its fullist aginst its lethur strapps. Iz I boanless or iz I Alfie Houdini? Heh heh, thay will nevfur noe, coz they didden't hav a flashy boks wiv dem and I arn't telling! I hav allso swarn That Simba to Seekritsee...

I woz not recapsherred eezily. I infliksherd injurrees!

*Thanks to the Ballicai Momma for this title!


Tha Alfie Houdini, hoo as youm kan see, butter wood not melt in tha mouf of, heehee! xxx ooo xxx


Ailurophile said...

Oh Alfie you are soooooooooo adorable and so is Simba. Loved his work with that cat flap and the box. Classic! So great to see that you are both settling in nicely in your new home. You will find lots of love and caring here I'm sure, for many many years to come. Love and hugs :)

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh they are looking so cute!

Kaz's Cats said...

G'day boys, it's nice to meet you Alfie and Simba. Sorry we haven't been over earlier, but we're so glad that you're settling in nicely with your Noo Mummy. We're sure that there's going to be lots of fun ahead for your kitties at your new home,


Gypsy & Tasha

The Island Cats said...

It's nice to meet you, Simba and Alfie!! Looks llike you're gonna have a lot of fun in your new home!

StandTall-The Activist said...

some grammars you spoke here guys but it's sure you are settling down

Tiki and Mowzer said...

please join my Wuv Kitty Klub!


Brian said...

I really like your blog. Hello from your new friends Brian, Sascha, Gracie & Zoe!!!

MaoMao said...

Awwwww, Simba and Alfie, you superduper Caramel Kitties! You are both so preshus and you look like you're havin a great time settlin into yur new home with yur new mommy. She loves you fellers so much -- you are all so lucky to have found each othur!

Lots of lovies and hugs and purrs and xxxxx oooo frum MaoMao and alla the Molecules of Ballicules!

Anonymous said...

Now that Alfie and Simba seemed to have settled in I think it must be time for unkle Pinkie to fix up the scratching pole he made espeshualy for discening kitties.

Watch this space !!

Victor Tabbycat said...

O hai! You two has a grate new mom who obiously lufs you lots. If you wanna get along better, maybe you can get yur mom to play wif you bof at da same time, wif diffrint wand toys. It's easier than it sounds an lotsa fun! You is lucky you can go outside when you wants.