Sunday, 28 September 2008

I Think I Hugged a Stranger!

Among the comments on my last post "Why Does my Special Friend Bully me..." was the following:
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just give him a big hug and say thank you for caring and worrying about me.

26 September 2008 18:11

I thought it was Pinky because he comments as "Anonymous" as he hasn't got a blog. Well actually he has, on MySpace, but there's only one post on it because... never mind, I digress. So anyhoo, I replied as follows:
Blogger Black Cat said...

Pin... erm, I mean A Lonely Mouse, I {{{HUG}}} you and am glad that you care:) xxx

27 September 2008 04:43

At about 10 or 10:30 last night (Saturday) he rang me to say he'd just read my blog and hadn't meant to bully me, it was just that he cares about me and thinks it's not good for me to be such a night owl. I told him about the comment and he said it was the sort of thing he would have said if he'd had time to leave a comment (he's busy decorating at the moment) but it wasn't him!!! Oops!

Anyway, whoever it was, he probably deserves a hug! I say "he" but it could of course be a she, but I feel somehow that it is a he!

Have a super Sunday evfurrybuddy:)



Anonymous said...

Firstly my apologies for causing confusion. I have recently discovered your blog (am very new to all this blogging business and do not do so myself) and never read the comments from others so had no idea your 'caring bully':) was also anonymous. It was just easier to tick that box than think up a name, which I still havn't. I'm just a girlie girl who enjoys reading your blog. Aha (ping) GG that'll be me. Thank you for the inspiration. Spent hours on that one and then in a flash it comes.

Daisy said...

I think it's okay to hug a stranger. Just do not kiss him or her on the lips.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

daisy is right, no lip kissing strangers! ha ha ha

always take your advice from cyber cats, right?

happy sunday!

smiles, bee

Cats said...

Sometimes anonymous people leave the best comments..I've turned the anonymous comment feature on a number of times on my blog - but then I get lots of weird/spammy comments so I turned it thinking about turning it on again - just to get to know people's thoughts more easily..

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I think Daisy is very right. She is quite a smart cat, don't you think?

Lux said...

I think it's always okay to hug anyone at all. I think more beans should hug!

Babs (Beetle) said...

A hug a day is a good thing. Actually several hugs a day is an even better thing :O)

Black Cat said...

GG: Thank you for explaining and for signing my guestbook; much appreciated! Cool avatar! Sorry I thought you were probably a man from your comment!

I started out by reading blogs for quite some time before I signed up for a blog of my own and then that was sort of by accident. I needed a Google account to comment on some blogs I like. A Google account gives you the opportunity to start your own blog and also to have a gmail email account - all free! So I thought, "Why not?". So here I am and I've made a lot of really great online friends.

Sorry this is so long. I think you would make a good blogger. Thanks for reading and enjoying my blog. I love visitors and feeback:) xxx

Team Tabby said...

Your blog inspires anonymous comments, it is good to know someone likes your blog enough to comment. We don't get any of those, which is okay.

Mom says thanks for the birthday wishes last week.

Mindy & Moe

dennis said...

Dennis keeps odd hours. The even ones are not as interesting.