Saturday, 10 May 2008

Blood, sweat and knees!

What on earth can this picture be of? It looks totally disgusting doesn't it?


Alex Lester of BBC Radio 2 is opening a
Slap My Top Knees Gallery and you can Email your knees to him. This sounds fun so here is my email to Alex:

"Dear Alex,

Here are my knees:

They are (a squillion*) years and (eleventy*) months old and as you can see, they get knocked around a bit. They belong to a clumsy woman and their ambition is to stop being bruised and otherwise injured by the ineptitude of their owner, to stay healthy in their joints and to live a long and happy life.

Oh sorry, that's a bit more than 40 words. Hope this doesn't disqualify my poor old knees!


Penny (aka Black Cat)"

Alex also has a blog here. His show is totally zany and I often listen to it when I can't sleep.

In other news, I had three tubes (vials, phials?) of blood stolen on Friday of last week but haven't had the results yet. It was touch and go how I was going to get to the surgery, because I woke up in the morning with a painful right arm. I thought, "What the...?" and then had a vague memory of waking up during the night saying "Ouch". I am often a restless sleeper and I think what must have happened was that I was thrashing around and banged my arm against the wall or my bedside chest of drawers. Anyhoo, I knew I would be in trouble if I got the bus and it lurched when I got up to get off and I instinctively grabbed hold of something with my right hand. Pinky had a guest and they had planned to go to a boot** sale on that Friday but I thought it was worth giving him a call. Fortunately the plans had changed and he was able to pick me up and bring me back. Whew! Thank you Pinky.

Then the other day I twisted the wrist awkwardly while trying to wash my left underarm so it hurt even more. Then, would you believe, I woke myself up yesterday morning by bashing my right arm against the side of the bed! Grrrrrrrrr! It now hurts like hell. I'm doing self-orthopoddy again... Have I ever mentioned that I'm clumsy, even in my sleep?!?

It's nearly time for Doctor Who (whoo hoo!) so I'll be off now, but before I go I'd just like to say how sad I am for the people of Burma. As if they didn't have enough troubles before.

*Actual age removed by me on the grounds that it might cause too much hysterical laughter in juicy young cats.

** No, not a sale selling boots. For my Mericky friends, it's a sale from the trunks of cars, but the "trunks" or "boots" are usually trestle tables, haha!


Babs (Beetle) said...

That's a lot of bumps and grazes you have!

MM & MB say they are squillions of years older than you so you shouldn't worry.

Purrs, Sukie X

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I hope you start feeling better!

Daisy said...

I will not say what I thought the first photo was (but it wasn't knees!). The second photo looks much more like proper knees.

Sorry your legs got a little bit scuffed up. I hope your blood comes back good!

Mickey said...

Top of the knees pics!! How different! Heeheehee
Maybe you need some lavender to help you stay calm. Maybe that way you won't hurt yourself ;)
Happy Mother's day,because you did have cats!
Purrs Mickey

dennis said...

Dennis didn't think those were knees at first. Dennis is just starting to read "Comfortably Numb" it's a book about Pink Floyd. Maybe you would like it.