Sunday, 20 January 2008

Seven Weird Things Meme #2 (updated)

I tried to post this yesterday but Blogger bugg pis (language BC, pulease!!!) about and wouldn’t upload my pictures or my itsy bitsy teeny weeny video. Then it fu mucked up all my text by jettisoning my formatting and changing the font to something really boring. ::Sigh:: So let’s have another go today…

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7 (more) Random and/or Weird Facts About Me!

I did this meme in November but I’m weird enough to write more weird things about me, haha!

1. Some people have favourite words and sayings and I am no exception, specially when it comes to messing about with the English language, either deliberately or by mistake. For example, our cat flap was not a lockable one (I don’t think they’d been invented all those squillions of years ago!) so to keep Oliver, and subsequently William, in at night, Pinky made a sort of portcullis to go over the outside cat door. We used to get foxes coming into the road and garden at night. One night before we met, Pinky heard a dreadful caterwauling and on looking out the window, he saw that two foxes had a cat cornered. He frightened the foxes away, but we felt it wouldn’t be safe for the cats to be outdoors at night. When the cats were in for the night, one of us would say “Time to batten down the hatches”, only one time it came out “Hatten down the Batches” so that stuck and got put in our unwritten dictionary! Another time I said to someone, “My husband barks with Bankleys” instead of “banks with Barclays” and we rolled about in hysterics. That stuck too! So here comes the weird thing: I have a favourite letter of the alphabet. Does anyone else? Mine is “V”. I just like its shape and its sound!

2. I have visitors in my kitchen in the early hours of the morning. Here is one trying to escape from the flashy box by slithering under the microwave (caution: not recommended viewing for tender young cats):

I’m not sure how they get in. Probably through the vent to the outside from the gas boiler. I’m not sure if that makes them weirder than me. It can’t just be that they’re cold, coz they come in winter and summer. I can’t bring myself to put anything down to kill them. They’ve always gone by the time it gets light.

3. As regular readers will know, I’m very clumsy and you may have noticed in the photos of me slumbering in a drunken stupor after over-eating at Christmastime that I have a ginormous scar on my forehead (which was caused by my falling against the corner of two walls in my house). A few weeks before Christmas we were invited to some friends’ for lunch. The cut had healed and the scab had come off but the skin was still a bit tender so I didn’t want to put concealer (vintage approx 1968) on it in case of infection. Then I remembered hearing somewhere that some celebrities use toothpaste to cover their zits. “Well”, I thought, “It’s worth a try and if you can use it in your mouth it must be reasonably germ-free”, so I plastered plenty over the scar until I couldn’t see any redness. When it was practically dry and hard, I wiped off as much of the surplus on either side of the scar as I could and then applied makeup as per usual, with pressed powder to “set”. Job done!

I say “almost” because by that time about eleventy-twelve hours had passed since putting on the slap. In fact you can see the eczema beginning to show through on either side of my nose so perhaps I should have put toothpaste on that too, haha!

This may be a better look for me. What do you think? (With thanks to Karl and Ruis):

4. Regular readers will know that I’m clumsy. (Oops, repeating myself.) I have a light in my little entrance hall, but there is only one switch and that is on the other side of the inner door, so when you come in from outside in the dark you have to stumble over the junk mail and fumble about until you can turn the light on. Doh! So I hung a battery-operated light just inside the front door. Well, a few days ago I knocked it off the wall and it went all dead. When Pinky next came round he had a look at it and declared it well and truly deceased, but as it came in a box of four he decided to see if the bulb was salvageable in case of future need…

Okeedokee, there's supposed to be a video here*

He fixed another battery-operated light to the wall for me, bless him.

Sorry about the duff sound on the video (and also my witch’s cackle of a laugh) but it was done on my camera, which just has a little mic. We I were was talking in a silly voice too, which doesn’t help, so we I don’t sound like ourselves myself.

5. People sometimes think I’m quite assertive, but I’m not. I do have opinions and I can sometimes be outspoken, but the way I come across is really just a “shell”. Inside I’m a heap of quivering jelly. I won’t answer the front door unless I’m expecting someone and I hate answering the telephone unless it’s a close family member or friend.

6. I’m allergic to aspirin and sensitive to some foods which contain related stuffs, e.g. salicyates. Apparently this is quite rare (the food thing). Dang, I just gotta be different, haha! I don’t think I’ll be using any of that stuff that’s supposed to get rid of scars on my forehead!

7. My family and most some of my friends think I’m totally out of my tree because I have a blog. My Dad manages not to say anything when I suggest that he visit it. My Auntie J can’t be bothered with the innernets at all and her daughter, my cousin H, can’t be doing with blogs. This is unfortunate because she has a very personable and gentlemanly horse. I suggested that she help him blog so that Snap would have a companion in the blogosphere and H said that it was only from what we had been talking about before that she could believe I was still sane!!!

* Well, my “itsy bitsy teeny weeny video” has so far been over three hours uploading. Ha! Just as I finished typing “uploading” this message came up:

Oh noes, I've photo'd the wrong message. Dang! Anyhoo, you probably know the one I mean, the one that says "Sorry, there has been an error in uploading your video..." or words to that effect.


Goodnight dear Readers! I have now resorted to wine...

Update 22nd Jan: Just tried to upload a compressed copy of the video and got the error message again:

I've photo'd the right one this time, he he!

On a far more serious note though, while I was waiting for the video to upload, I did a quick round of the blogs and was devastated to learn some sad news:

That dear Caesar has gone to the Bridge. He will be sorely missed and I send my deepest condolences to all his family. I think just about everyfur will know this sad news by now, but if not, please leave a loving message on his and Princess’s blog.

Update 22nd Jan: I had more sad news yesterday. A friend who I used to work with has died after a "mercifully short" battle with cancer. She was only 65. Rest in peace Sandra.


JB's Big World said...

That is a creepy looking wormy thing....hhhmmm, could be something for my big world one day, but I dont know if it would be a friend. I hope you get rid of these wormies!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I think Snap does need a friend. WE have tried to get Max, our thoroughbred horse friend to blog, but he and his owner just think we are sort of odd...

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

What is that thing on your floor? Is it tasty?

Next time you have scar, just tell them you got it from You-Know-Who and that you are the girl that lived. Too bad not lighting bolt shaped.

My bean's family has nothing to do with computers or blogs either. But she kind of likes it that way.

Daisy said...

I, too, am wondering what the slimy crawly thing is on the ground. It looks weird, like a bananer slug or something!

Isis said...

Dat slug looks kinda tasty to me... But then again lots of strange things do at present! ;) Fink you'z better come see what I'z on about! :)


William said...

These were quite entertaining! My mom is like your #5, only if she could she'd hide under the couch were an alien come to the front door. And #6, aspirin is about the only drug my mom can tolerate, which is good since I'm sure she'd otherwise be celebrating her third or maybe fourth anniversary at the Betty Ford Clinic. (Oh, not because of us, mind you.) And #2, EEEEEK. He needs a shell!

Parker said...

Moled wine! HaHaHaHa!

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

Ahhh, Black Cat. Deze tingz abouts you make us tink dat you could do wit a vacashun. Enuff of da bad need a break from it all & not an arm or a leggie break, but likes a vizit to a spa or sumpin!
We lovez you Black Cat...and we wil triez to love doze slug tingz dat vizit you at night!

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

Oh & PS!!!! We forgots to tank you fur da lovely tinkin' award!!!!! I tink da momee here needZ a tinkin' cap REAL bad, 'cuz she cannot keeps it all straight!

michico*Adan said...

Wowww ....what is that exactly?
I am wooden in front of the monitor.....

And, the video stuff sometimes will like that, yes.
There are some reasons, 1 is your video file is too large, Another common reason is the net connection is not stable enough... I mean these 2 are my common reason... keep trying and good luck~!

Thanks for doing meme, I enjoy reading it so so much~!!!

The Crew said...

#2, what is THAT?? Ewwwwww!