Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Yesterday I went to the Eye Hospital for a check-up on how my squint is doing, accompanied, as usual, by my bestest frennid Geoff.  My eyes haven't changed much, which is good, though I wish they would improve!

Anyhoo, while in Brighton we did what we usually do - a bit of shopping followed by delicious hot dogs from the stand.

Geoff was bored out of his crust on this occasion because I was choosing lipstick (he hates lipstick!) and since all the shades have changed it took me a long time to choose, especially as Boots had an offer of 3 for the price of 2. Likewise with hair dyes!  Eventually, a me chuffed with her bargains and a slightly grumpy Geoff made our way to the hot dog stand. "Whose turn is it to pay?" asked Geoff.  "Well, I think it's me," I replied truthfully.  Even if it had been Geoff's turn, I think I would have answered the same after what he'd had to endure!

Anyhoo, we enjoyed our lovely, delicious hot dogs and while doing so, noticed how few pigeons there were about begging us for scraps.  On a previous occasion, we took these pictures on our mobile phones:

 Perhaps the council have done a cull... :(


 :) xxx

Friday, 23 September 2011

Stop! Thief!!!

Yes, I know, the place is a bit of a mess...

The talking in the background is the telly.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Boris in the Bath

For 3 days there's been a Boris, the size of a small plate, in my bath; hence I'm very smelly and you could fry chips in my hair.  Where are the cats when you need them?  Every time I plucked up enough courage to look, there was Boris, standing in my bath, looking up at me angrily.  He was too big for me to attempt to rescue him but I felt sorry for him so I poured a little water at the opposite end of the bath so at least he wouldn't die of thirst.

Oh joy!  The Caramels were having a mad 5 minutes earlier and Simba followed me up to the bathroom...  I hunkered down and played with him.  I tapped the bath and he came over, almost jumped in, but didn't.  Simba doesn't like to be picked up so I usually respect this.

However, when we repeated the game, several things happened simultaneously:  I tried to pick up Simba and put him in the bath and while he struggled I saw that Boris had come over to the side of the bath.  One of Simba's arms was stretched out and suddenly Boris jumped!!!  I thought he landed on Simba, who meanwhile was legging it out the door while I fell over...

I picked myself up, brushed myself off, and started off downstairs...  AAARRRGH!  Halfway down there was Boris, on my t-shirt...

:) xxx