Thursday, 9 June 2011

What Sea?

Skype conversation between Pinky and Black Cat:

08/06/2011 22:47:55 Pinky: Allo singletude?
22:49:06 Black Cat: Wot?!
22:49:55 Pinky: As you're one you're a singletude as opposed to a multitude!
22:50:29 Black Cat: Oh, I get it... :)
22:51:07 Pinky: Great, let's all hold hands and get in touch with the living (rofl)
22:54:02 Black Cat: Or time travel while gardening, watch Not Going Out and generally keep up with one's loony best friend, lol! (rofl)
22:55:10 Pinky: Don't follow Not Going Out, am watching a recording about Britain's secret seas
22:56:20 Black Cat: Oh, well, NGO is very funny!
22:56:50 Black Cat: Erm, wot secret seas?
22:58:23 Pinky: Broadcast on 29th May. Just seen a sequence about life under the Palace Pier
23:01:29 Black Cat: That's not a secret sea, that's the Channel, or the North Sea, or the Atlantic Ocean or summat! The Irish Sea maybe?
23:02:18 Pinky: Well I dunno about you, but I live by the seaside
23:02:58 Black Cat: Yeah dood, but what seaside?!
23:03:35 Pinky: Brighton seaside
23:05:23 Black Cat: Bristol Channel? Med? Caribbean? Brighton Aquarium? Wot the 'eck is our local sea, lol!?!
23:06:30 Pinky: The Brighton Aquarium is on land silly
23:06:49 Black Cat: Face it, you don't know, you's googling!!!
23:07:08 Pinky: No I'm not!!
23:08:42 Black Cat: The Brighton Aquarium is not on land, it's under water, that's how fish piss in it!
23:09:09 Pinky: Yes, but the water is on land!
23:10:32 Black Cat: No it can't be, it's water for Ceiling Cat's sake!
23:10:59 Pinky: Eh!
23:11:20 Black Cat: Wait one, going 2 da l'eau...
08/06/2011 23:11:34 Pinky: Love it

Later I pointed out to Pinky that all seas are on land (think about it...) therefore the Brighton Aquarium, being full of sea water, could be a (very small) sea, hee hee!


:) xxx


Anonymous said...

It's so nice to have intellectual friends but I have to take issue with seas and oceans being on land as I always thought they were on the seabed whereas the Brighton Aquarium in man made and on land, below ground level as it happens.


Black Cat said...

Well, if it's below ground level it must be on the seabed, hee hee! :)oxo

Zool Blogger said...

hahaha.. cat using skype.. it is funny..

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