Monday, 1 June 2009

Lovely Earrings

A little while ago Dr. Tweety held an auction of some of da Mommee's jewellery and I was fortunate that my bid for these lovely earrings was accepted.

A few days later a parcel arrived... I was so excited!

Front view

Back view

And inside, da da:

Sorry about the blurry picture, Dr. Tweety's Mommee's photo was much better!

Check out this pretty bag they were in:

Here are the earrings in their bag next to the picture on the Fab Five's blog:

Here is some ugly old woman modelling them:

Who can she be? Give them back! She might have put some make-up on, though I don't suppose it would have been much of an improvement.

:) xxx


VampyVictor said...

They ar every pretty earrings! But where is the old wommans you talk about?
I can only see a nice lady wearing them :))

Daisy said...

Those look real pretty! I heard that turquoise is thought to have many healing properties. I read this:

"The ones with the black lines in them are called Navajo turquoise and helps you to stay in a place of love and connectedness with others. By doing this it can make you feel at "home" no matter where you are. It is a combination of turquoise and sard (sard being the lines). turquoise by itself keeps one in the feeling of unconditional love and connection to all that is while sard by itself keeps one in the state of emotional attachments to family, home, their roots (the good memories of childhood) it also assist in digestion of proteins both animal and vegetable."

JB's Big World said...

Those are very pretty earrings. My mom loves turquoise.

Anya said...

Those earrings are lovely ^___^

Jennifer Rose said...

very pretty earrings :) and they look good on the so called old women (not ugly or old!)

Babs-beetle said...

Lovely earrings, and I love Vampy Victor's comment - it's so true :O)

Ailurophile said...

Wow what pretty earrings. Congrats for them. And I love how they look so cool on that graceful woman!

I get to hear about Leo and Fairy but not so much about Snow since the family who took him seldom communicates or visits. I hope he is well. Got some grainy pictures of Leo and Fairy taken from a cell phone some time ago. They looked healthy and active and I hear they are being very well looked after. Hope all is well with them. I pray for them at times and hope they live long healthy lives. But mostly I try not to think about them and that they are no longer with me, since it is saddening..

Giraffe said...

Cool earrings! I see no ugly old woman too! Hmm...
And Giraffe's finally put up the award you've honored her with, on her blog. Finally...

Pearl C. Pritchard said...

Hi Black Cat. Wow... Daisy gave a great synopsis of the healing properties of turquoise. I just always thought it was a beautiful stone.

How are you Black Cat?

ifeelunusual said...

Lovely earrings!

MaoMao said...

Us Ballicai see a beeyootiful lady wearin those beeyootiful earrings! ConCATulashuns on winning them!

Lots of love and kittyhugs and purrs from alla us Ballicai!

Abby Normal and Stygia said...

Thanks for stopping by and visiting us while our mom forced us on a blog hiatus. She is ok, and so are we, and we blogged today!! We are glad to be back.

Our mom thinks the earrings are lovely and wishes she could wear any, but she reacts badly even to hypoallergenic metals, even clip-ons! She is envious.

Abby & Stygia

Ariel said...

I think I see a very lovely lady wearing beautiful earrings....Hugs