Monday, 3 December 2007

Monday Musings

Here I am, blogging in the comfort of warm slippers, thanks to Pinky! The slippers are somewhat worn out, some of the cozy lining has worn away, but they’ll do for a bit longer and if I get some sheepskin insoles, even longer, ha ha! It’s not like I’m a miser or anything, it’s just that I’m really mean on a very low income so I have to make things last as long as possible!

Mickey asked about the “black” in rum and black. The black is blackcurrant cordial, e.g. Ribena. You may call the concoction something different in Canada and Mericky, or maybe you eschew the “black” in favour of something else, such as Coke, as Mickey mentioned he had heard of that. Personally I can’t stand Coke, in rum or on its own, but here is an interesting factoid I picked up from a lovely innernet cat-breeder friend (sorry, I can’t find a direct link to her – I thought she was in my “Places I Like to Visit” but it seems not) but she and lots of lovely animal webcams and bean webcams can be found here. Well worth a visit because the cams stream in real time and most of them have chat rooms. Back to the factoid. Apparently Coke (original recipe, not diet variety and not other brands) contain every nutrient you need to stay alive, but the Coke has to be flat for it to work. I don’t know where this info comes from or if it has ever been put to the test. I keep meaning to Google it and then get distracted into something else! Ha, I’ve just found the link; it’s (she breeds Tonkinese cats and they are awesome. She only broadcasts when she has a growing litter).

Somecats have noticed that I have a new banner on my blog (it still needs a bit more tweaking) featuring three cats. These are, looking from left to right (and in the order in which I served them) Oliver:


and Cybil:

One day (or rather, over several postings) I will tell their stories. They were all wonderful cats. Strangely, none of them were nipheads. I would have thought the odds against this were fairly rare. I feel another poll coming on… Anyhoo, Oliver was the inspiration for my nickname “Black Cat” because he shared my life at a time when I was a CB’er and I chose “Black Cat” as my handle. I was the original Black Cat (in the area where I live at least) although bean Black Cats have proliferated all over the place since then! Pinky was the “Pink Panther”, which got shortened to “Pinky”, and he gets called this by our friends probably as much or more as by his given name!

Miles: thanks for telling me about your hoodie. Seeing you relaxing with your meezermom while wearing it made me go “Sqeeeeee, awwwwww”! The hole in the back for a leash sounds like a good idea so you could wear it out walking on a cold day but a pocket on the back? I’m with you there, like you could get your paw round to it. You’d have to be a contortionist! Or, if you felt in need of a Temptation or some nip that you had put in there to sustain you during the walk, you would have to roll on your back on the cold ground and shake them out of the pocket. Duhr, I don’t think so!

Diamond: you asked why I have a bunny rabbit on my MySpace page. Dunno, I just came across it somewhere on the innernets and liked it. I love all animals (though bugs, not so much, though I respect their right to life) and a bunny with tiger furs just seemed cute. I know it must be photoshopped but it’s cool, IMHO:)

I have a question but I see I’ve “rabbited” (no pun intended) on for quite long enough so I’ll save it for another day.

Oh, another question (probably rhetorical) which I won’t save for later. I am wondering why a website called “crescenet” is commenting in mine bloggie and in Portuguese too. If they want me to sign up for something, they’re out of luck coz I don’t speak Portuguese, ha ha! I’m sure they’re lovely people, but come on guys, I don’t understand you, sorry!

Enjoy the rest of today everykitty and have a nice Toes Tuesday. I’m off to the Orthoptics Department tomorrow so keep you paws crossed that mine eyes can be uncrossed, lol!


Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Good luck at your appointment! The Woman's eyes have been bugging her and she should go have them re-checked. I hope yours are doing well!


michico*Adan said...

I love seeing Oliver, William and Cybil's head picture~!
Everytime I saw, I feel so warm~!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I love your new banner! I hope your appointment goes well!

Daisy said...

I am looking forward to hearing the stories of the Cats-Who-Came-Before! If you are getting some spam comments, you can just delete them!

Parker said...

I am going to look forward to stories of the Ones Who Came Before!