Monday, 10 December 2007

Man Flu, ha ha ha!

I seem to be going over the top a bit with posting videos today but I’ve just got this one in my email and I just had to share it.

I don’t know if it’s the same all over the world, but here in England when a woman has a cold, she has a cold; but when a man has a cold, he has “man flu”!!! As Jeter would say, I’m laffin and laffin *wiping tears of laughter from eyes*.

Hope you’re all having a good Monday. The weather’s cheered up a bit here but over the weekend it was absolutely pants – torrential rain and gale force winds. I didn’t dare so much as poke my nose outside the door for fear of getting blown over, lol! It was a meteorological repeat of the weekend before. I had intended to do a “Thankful Thursday” on Thursday but come the day I was feeling too grumpy. In the gales of the previous weekend my dustbin had taken flight, never to be seen again (at least, not by me!). Rubbish collection day is Thursday where I live, so on our way back from the Eye Hospital on Tuesday we bought a new bin (well, I did, and Pinky kindly carried it home for me). Imagine my chagrin when I took the rubbish out on Wednesday afternoon, reached for the lid of my smart new dustbin, and found my hand clutching a lid-sized empty space! Duhr! Brand new dustbin, which cost me very nearly £17, had flown away, never to be… Well, I’m sure I don’t need to finish that sentence. Like I can afford to “throw away” 17 squids:-(

Ah well, that’s life!


Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

Oh...we not only one have trash bin vanish though. That good to know. It don't know what squid is but I think Bean paid about the same for our new racoon proof one.

As for "man-flu" we've not heard that one before. My bean says though that "The bigger the man, the bigger the baby."

Daisy said...

That video is too funny! Maybe next time I run out of Temptations I will try calling an ambulance and see what happens. It is an emergency, you know.

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

Oh no!!!! Da dustee bin haz takin' on da spirit of da oevfun! At leastee now mebbe you haz gotten rid of dat evil oevfu...if out of a trashee recep-tangle.

William said...

My mom got a big kick out of that! The video, of course, not the dustbin. Could your two errant bins have eloped?

Ramses said...

Oh dat's funny, cause when my brother Ramses caught cat flu from me, he gotted Mancatflu and was very sick and needed to see the emergency vet and all I'z gotted was a few sneezes where I'z thought my head was splodin'. But Ramses needed Mummy to look after him for days on end... Even Mancats are big babies! :P

I'z fink you better tie your next bin down so it's safe! :(


Anonymous said...

Lol...Great video :)

Eric and Flynn said...

Haha we wuz laffin at the video. Mum always sez a man can't haf simple cold, and that they fink they are at death's door.She sez if men had to have babies the hyooman race would die out.