Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Hurty Arm and Bed Mice

"My arm hurts Mummy."

"I can see that Alfie, you're limping."

I made an appointment for him at the vet's.

He hid in a place where we couldn't get to him. I rang the vet's, apologised and made another appointment, which was for the following morning, as he had to be in early in case he needed sedation.

Morning came and I managed to grab him and get him into his PTU. Pinky arrived and was making coffee. “Simba's just gone out” he said. He had his back to the cat flap. “Im right here Mummy” said Simba, and he was. Going to the kitchen, I looked out of the window and there was alfie, halting in mid-three-legged run and grinning at me mischievously.

There was no catching him. Once again I had to phone, apologise profusely and make another appointment.

At first I thought Alfie had sprained or broken his wrist, but by now he had a hard, black lump on his inner arm.

The next day we managed to get him into his PTU and down to the vet. By now he had a full-blown, nasty abscess, which needed anaesthesia to drain, so I asked if he could have his teeth done (which he needed) at the same time. The vet agreed, as in view of his heart murmur the less time he has to be anaesthetised the better.

We had to take him back for a couple of follow-ups and his arm and teeth were fine.
Nice healthy skin with the fur beginning to grow back.

Meanwhile, the day after the first abortive attempt to catch Alfie, Pinky tied up the back bedroom door so he couldn't hide in there again (the door wouldn't stay shut). The next day was the one on which we finally managed to get Alfie to the vet. When we took Alfie back for his first follow-up three days later I was stressing out, not only because of Alfie's injury but also because I hadn't seen Simba all the previous night and day, nor had he appeared for his breakfast. Pinky had bought a bolt and fitted it to the back bedroom door when we got back from the vet's. I said, “Are you sure Simba isn't in there?” “Yes” Pinky replied, “He was in there, but I saw him come out”. “Please look again” I said. He tried but couldn't get the door open. After cutting away the rucked up carpet, out came Simba! Somehow he'd got back in there while Pinky was tying the door. You can imagine my relief! (Bu66er the carpet).


kristin said...

Hi Black Cat, I adore kitties too and my frennids of course!!
Crazy Cat Lady :-)

Everycat said...

Hope that Alfie is all better now. Our home has the tell tale interesting carpets by the door hehe.

Love the video of Simba playing with your feet!

Mungo, Jet & The Ape xx