Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Wordy Wednesday: The Piebald Cat!

Last night, or in the early hours of this morning, I was watching TV, keeping an eye on Facebook and playing Bubble Island (as you do) when, "Mrrrreeeww" and a white cat sprang onto the arm of the settee, as often happens.  I turned to greet him and, "Arrrrrrgh, where have you been Alfie?  What have you been up to???"

I got up and went to the kitchen, knowing Alfie would follow me.  He did, and while I was wetting a cloth he jumped up to his feeding station and stared at his empty bowl.  I approached him, wetted cloth at the ready, thinking he would not appreciate being washed, but no!  He purred and purred as I tried to get the black stuff off him, to no avail.  The cloth only darkened slightly.

Goodness knows what this stuff is, but it's not oily, doesn't flake off, and is odourless and tasteless (yes, I know...  I did...  But I was worried it might be poisonous...).

After my washing attempt:

I watched him very carefully, hand poised over the phone ready to call the emergency vet, but so far there seem to be no adverse affects.

Paws crossed.  But I think Alfie will be piebald until the stuff grows out...

Does anycat know what this stuff might be?

:) xxx


Noll said...

Did he crawl under a car and some of that oily road dirt on his furs? That's my first thought.

A few Good Cats said...

Not oily, but not coming off with soap and water? And it only stained a few spots? Hmm... completely stumped, but glad it's having no ill effects other than staining Alfie's pure white coat.

Ariel said...

Hmmm I wonder what it could be.Glad he's okay though :)