Thursday, 16 April 2009

What the...?

I have a MySpace account which I hardly ever use, but when I was looking for Fleet Foxes, a band I've recently come across and whose music I really like, I found them on MySpace. Please check them out here: Fleet Foxes.

I think they're great! I asked them to be friends and they agreed; how cool is that?

Anyhoo, while on MySpace I decided to check my mail. Here is what I found (you can tell from the date how little I go there!):

"To: Black Cat

Date: 01 Jul 2008, 19:28

Content blocked/removed from your profile Body:

Audio or video content has been blocked or removed from your profile. Content may be blocked/removed because we received a notice from the copyright owner claiming you were infringing its rights, because the content was recognized by MySpace's copyright filter, or because your use of the content violated MySpace's Terms and Conditions.
As a result, your upload privileges have been suspended. To reinstate your upload privileges, you must click here to complete our Copyright Education Program. MySpace terminates the accounts of repeat copyright infringers. Please be careful not to include content on your profile that you do not have permission to use so you can continue to be a part of the MySpace community.

Thank you,

I have no idea what they are referring to, unless it's the Massive Attack video, which it must be as that's the only video on my profile (and, incidentally, still seems to be playable!). I'm pretty tee'd off about this. MySpace provided the very link that enabled me to put the video on my profile, so how the heck have I "violated MySpace's Terms and Conditions"? Do I care about my upload privileges being suspended, or have any intention of completing their "Copyright Education Program"? Go figure MySpace! Like I'm a huge copyright infringer. Terminate my account if you like. The only reason I keep it open is coz I have some good friends on there (whom I have woefully neglected lately!) Moreover, I have the DVD from which MySpace (or a member of it) took that video and I love it! If I like something, I buy it! I will be buying Fleet Foxes' album as soon as I can get my a$$ down to the record store (where we heard the music, years before... etc.)

:) xxx


Cheysuli and gemini said...

That is very strange. But sometimes places do weird things.

Babs-beetle said...

Just listened to Fleet Foxes. They're great!

I had a Myspace account but stopped using it. It just wasn't my scene.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

I got a similar notice from Facebook once for the background music that was playing in a video of a friend of mine dancing at the studio where we go for lessons. So I reposted it with the audio removed, which makes it much harder to figure out what she's doing. Stupid DMCA (and/or British equivalent). Go EFF, go!

Jennifer Rose said...

very odd
shouldn't be that video if myspace has provided the link to enable it. you sure its from myspace and not someone trying to get you to click on something?

Ailurophile said...

Honestly Penny, I'm aghast at this copyright violation by you!! Such a massive infringement of copyright ;)
Lol. I think MySpace is just trying to protect its own self though, in a weird way nevertheless!
Anyhoo, take care :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

There was a lawsuit, and music that could be used in the past was deemed copywrite infringement. MySpace did not have anything to do with it ... the courts did.

Anyhooo - hello from SpeedyCat !!!

Ailurophile said...

Honestly, I've been wanting to contact that artist and ask for re-usage of this image..maybe I'll change it anyway soon..My birthday is on Sept 22 btw, so it's yet to arrive this year. Take care :)

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

Dear Madam Black Cat,
This is Maxi speaking. Dr Tweety's brother. I htink you should whap the space that will not let you in. This is what I would do, and I have some very big paws with extra toes on them... just perfect for whapping.
I am the gladest cat, because you came to help purr for me.
I was so sick, that I even gave up a little. And still, the doc couldn't figure out what was wrong with me.
But I have turned the corner, and maybe, just maybe, those foxes would help cheer me too.
-Maximillian, Dr Tweety's brudder

Pearl C. Pritchard said...

Boo on MySpace. I deleted my account a while ago because, franky, MySpace creeped me out. (As do all of those social networking sites except for a reading network that I belong to.)

Boy n Beethoven said...

Well, that is very stranges, but if it am me, I wouldn't bother about whatever spaces there are as long as the Giant Kitty shares some space on the bed with me.


PinkynAsh said...

We don't use Myspace so I am not sure what it means to have the upload rights taken away. It does sound odd that they have a Copyright Education Program though.
Thanks for coming by to visit us. Mamma calls me Pink cat, but I think I just look pink in areas where I have thin fur (b/c I am pink beneath my fur).


Ailurophile said...

Thanks for stopping by Penny, and for your kind words and concern about wildlife as always.

So sorry to learn about Ollie. He must've been a very sweet kitty. Sending lots of comforting hugs and love :)

Luzinha said...

hey, dear! how are you today! fine, I hope! I was out in these days because I was cold! bad flu! but now I'm getting better!

good to come here!

kisses for you all!