Saturday, 31 January 2009

Pinky's Mysterious Visitor!

Some of my dear readers' curiosity was piqued by Pinky's cute visitor. Sadly, this isn't a kitteh who has permanently adopted him. Pinky was in his front garden sorting out his recycling when the kitty came running down the steps, rubbed all round Pinky's legs and looked at him appealingly. Pinky stopped to stroke and talk to the kitty, saying things like, "What a friendly kitty you are" and "Where do you come from? Shouldn't you go home now? Your beans will be missing you". The kitty stayed even while Pinky was still sorting out his recycling and wasn't fazed at all by all the activity and clattering (all the empty booze bottles, har har har!).

When Pinky went back into the house, the kitty rushed in past him. S/he was so affectionate but Pinky didn't think s/he was a stray looking for a home coz s/he looked so well fed, with lovely, glossy furs. S/he had a good look round the downstairs of the house and at some stage started scratching the carpet. Pinky gently put a stop to this. He managed to take a snapshot, which as you will have seen is a bit blurry, coz this is one active cat!

The kitteh wasn't wearing a collar, so after a while Pinky decided the only thing to do was to get him/her to go out. He had to shut the door very quickly coz s/he didn't want to go and in fact hung round for some time crying to come back in! You can probably imagine how this wrenched Pinky's heartstrings but he could see this was no stray and s/he would have to find his/her way home (in the absence of any identification).

Time passed...

Then today
I got this email from Pinky;

"The mystery of the visiting cat is now solved. A young lad called to ask if I'd seen his cat - he had a photo of the cat with him. Went and got my camera and showed him my picture and he said it was definitely his cat. My picture was taken 10 days ago but the cat was 'at home' yesterday. It seems the cat keeps on going 'walkabouts' and the lad had a suspicion someone was feeding her(?) I recommended he fitted a collar so folk would know she belonged to someone but he said his mum wouldn't allow it as she's concerned the cat might strangle herself. I told the lad about the collars with the elasticised section but I don't think it will do much good. He lives in Vale Road, the other side of the railway line, where D used to live so she's travelling quite a way."

I replied:

“I'm glad the mystery is solved but I'm worried that the mum won't allow the cat to wear a collar. Bad news, specially in light of her wide-ranging "territory". Actually I'm wondering if "she" is an unneutered tom, as they tend to have a much bigger territory than neutered males and spayed females. Did you ask the lad if the cat is microchipped? I hope s/he is! Did you ask the boy for a contact number in case s/he shows up again? It also worries me that s/he has a lot of traffic around on his/her route to yours and all other places within a similar radius of Vale Road. Anyhoo, you may have noticed some curiosity amongst the readers of my blog so I'll be able to explain to them better now! I just hope s/he doesn't get him/herself into trouble!”

In other news, I've deleted my guestbook by mistake! Aaaaarrrgh! I've emailed Slide to see if I can recover it. To lose over 110 guests would break my heart, all those signatures mean so much to me. I was just trying to delete some duplicated messages... Le Grand Sigh!!! (I've plagiarised this from somecat, can't remember who, so sorry!)

:) xxx


Cheysuli and gemini said...

What a delightfully friendly little cat. I am glad someone is worried about her.

Country Cats said...

Aww what a lovely visitor she was!

Babs (Beetle) said...

Sweet kitty! Mitzi almost strangled herself twice on her collar - and it was the elasticated sort! Both times she had her arm right through the collar, obviously trying to free herself. We have removed the collars from all the cats now :O(

Daisy said...

I think it sounds like Pinky is ready for a cat of his own!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

They do make breakaway collars where the clasp will come apart if there's any sideways pressure on it. We used them with our cats. Occasionally the collars would go missing, and we'd assume they got stuck on something and popped off ... we always found them again eventually, usually just lying on the ground somewhere in the house or yard.

Grrreta said...

I really hope the kitty finds her way home.

Boy n Beethoven said...

Ooooh...she is sweet! I do hope she doesn't wander about so much though because it's so dangewous!


Luzinha said...

oh, My! I feel sorry for you! I do the same thing other day, but I can't recover it! óh, I'm so sad! I wish that you can recover your guest very soon!

kisses for you!

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

Well dat iz furry good dats Pinky didz not as to bring da kitty home wit him. Otherwize, you wouldz had to go & buyz a bunch of kibbullz & sand. & mebbe some Greenies & some bowlz & a softee basket.

We iz sorree dats we haz not been commintin' lately. We iz readin' but leavfun commints haz me stumped cuz da momee will nots type fur me. Sumpin' abouts too much to do & muttter, mutter, da work haz her crazee. Oh well, dat iz nuttin' new, her bein' crazee!
Dr Tweety

StandTall-The Activist said...

Sorry about deleting your guest book. We may have to start sigining it again if you cant recover them

Thank God the Kitty was found. Mr. Pinky could have adopted the kitty though (lol)

Ariel said...

Yes you can enter the contest :)

disa said...

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