Friday, 8 February 2008

I can't believe it's Friday again!

Is time speeding up or what?!? It seems like just a few hours ago I was taking these videos through my (shut) bedroom windows. You may want to turn your volume down a tad...



I can't believe I took these on Tuesday! Anyhoo, this is what is going on in my street at present. New plastic gas pipes are being fitted to replace the old metal ones, which corrode. Usually the workmen arrive at some uncatly hour of the morning, like 8 or 8.30 a.m. and start drilling very loudly (much louder than whatever this guy is doing). Well, actually, they can't really drill quietly, now I come to think of it, but to add insult to injury they usually only work till about 10.30 or 11 a.m. and then they bugg bog off! By this time I'm thoroughly awake, though still feeling tired, and my head feels as though eleventy-twelve dentists have been drilling holes in all my teeth! Now I know this is necessary work, but where do they go after only about two hours' work? To another job? Home? Dunno, but it seems to me that if they did a whole day's work each day the job would be finished much quicker, but then who am I to question the working hours of the British workman?! I only know that if I'd put in so few hours at my job, I wouldn't have had the job for long... ::sigh::.

Anyway, I digress. On Tuesday they did work (almost) all day (except for a very long break at around about lunchtime) and they cut off my gas (which was probably a good thing, you can't be messing with gas when the pipes are being changed) and put a card through the door saying I needed to be "purged and relighted (sic)" with a number to call for this to be arranged. So I rang the number, only to be told I'd rung the number for another area. The lady I spoke to gave me the right number for my area, which I duly rang. When the lady who took my call had taken my details, I asked how long I would have to wait and she said anywhere up to four hours unless they got a call-out to a gas leak, in which case it could be longer. By this time the house was getting pretty cold. Anyway, to cut to the anticlimax, the engineer arrived about one and a half hours later, thank goodness, so I didn't quite have icicles hanging from my nose (ewww)!!

I don't know why I've rambled on like this, I can't imagine it will be of much interest to you, dear readers, but there you go, I'm obviously having a fit of the verbosities, lol!

On a completely different note, I would like to thank all those who have commented on mine bloggie and/or signed my guestbook. I really love reading your comments and looking at all your lovely faces and messages on the guestbook. I will try and catch up with you all over the weekend. One person who signed my guestbook but didn't leave a comment was Amanda C of Reno, NV. I don't know if she has a blog or website and I can't find anyone from Reno in my stats or through Google, so if you read this Amanda, please leave a comment if you have a blog or website so I can visit you. Meanwhile I'd like to thank you for saying my blog is nice:)

I hope you all have a super duper weekend:)


William said...

Ha! Maybe those workers got their training in Albuquerque!

Lux said...

I would be *really scared of those drilling noises (even if I am a mancat, I sometimes get scared)!

I'm glad you didn't end up with icicles on your nose!

P.S. Yes, that video was for real - from '71?

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I am not a big fan of noise or cold, so I am glad you at least got the cold part sorted out.

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

I'm trying to picture you with icicles hanging off your nose. I'm sure it would be a site. Maybe you should have rung up Pinky to keep you warm?

goldenshade said...

Wow, noise and cold, not a good mix. We have the cold but there is not too much noise. Just a blasted four wheeler or snowmobile in the middle of the night. Grrrr.


Daisy said...

Why do they have to do that in the middle of winter?!? Where I live, there is no natural gas, it's all electric.

Mickey said...

Good thing your gas was put on quickly. I hate to be cold!! This is winter after all! Hope they finish drilling and move on so it will be quiet :)
Purrs Mickey

Jan said...

Hey, Just wanted to let you know we did take back the leashes - we mean, we sent Jan back with the leashes, and she got back $34 and change. So we'll eat this week!

And yes, we do have to keep after these abusers. Those who participate should be prosecuted, even if a company such as the slaughterhouse told them to.

jans funny farm

Rascal said...

Well, I think it's very rude of them to make so much noise outside your home. The things we Cats have to put up with!

Boy said...

Eeugh....dwiwwing? I would hate that too!