Friday, 31 December 2010

Boris in the Bath

I had a Boris  (see here for the original Boris's story - on the other hand don't bother!) in my bath on Wednesday.  Were the Caramels any help?  Nah.  So I had to go stinky all day.  Good thing I didn't have to go out.

Anyhoo, yesterday, Thursday, I did have to go out, and oh joy!  It looked like Boris had found his way out of the bath.  I turned on the taps at shower setting and, remembering a previous Boris incident, gingerly lifted the non-slip mat.  *Shudder*, there he was, clinging to the bottom of the mat and looking a bit wet and bedraggled.  "Aaach", I screamed quietly, while dropping the shower and turning off the water.  Boris climbed onto the shower-head and so I picked it up by the hose and swung it out of the bath onto the floor.  Boris crawled off it and made his way slowly towards the window.  He crawled up the wall and disappeared behind the radiator.

I had my bath.

This morning I noticed a web spun between the left side of the window and the radio (which sits on the windowsill).  No sign of Boris, but there were several dead flies (yes, I'm still fly-wrangling) on the sill...  Good job Boris!  Happy New Year!

And Happy New Year to evfurybody!

:) xxx