Sunday, 30 August 2009

Easy Like Sunday

All we want is a little peace in this world.

Spot the cat taking it easy in the junk stuff

Have a super easy Sunday evfurrbody!

:) xxx

Friday, 21 August 2009

Unkel Pinky's Purrfday

It were Unkel Pinky's Purrfday yestiday (well akshully Wensdy coz at the tiem of publishing it am now Frydy) and tha Noo Mummy furgot to phone or Skype him! Can yuo buhleev it! Afftur orl he hav dun fur her! But it may hav bin a 'ickle bit owr falt. See, tha NM woz verry verry tyred (she offtin is, coz she am a fat lazy cow eesily fateeged purson) and she sleeped and sleeped and sleeped and we sleeped and sleeped and sleeped wiv her, cuddled up on eyever syde of her, untill I, Alfie, woak up and sor dat Simba and Chaesed him off, wich woak up tha NM so she had to get owt of bed and giv us brekfist agin!

Then arftur she had drank severeeryal cupps of koffee and settelled in frunt of tha telly and tha laptop, she sor this:

and then this:

and that's tha cloesest she hav efvur seen us tugevvur wivowt us whapping eech uvver, so arftur she had weelded tha flashy boks, she parsed owt wiv a big grin on her fase. Stoopid Noo Mummy!

:) xxx

Pee Ess. Pleez vissit Lucy, a sweet noo blogger, kthxbai!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Mancat Monday

It's verry manly to wellcum yuor Mum's laetest junk stuff into tha howse by 'dopting it as yuor own...


:) xxx

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Thundering Herd of Elephants


Is you still there wiv that flashy boks thingy?

We has been duing Fundering Hurd of Elyfants up and down da stares and up and down da stares and up and down da stares for about an howr dis morning from about harf past just braking dawn. And eech tiem I camed down da stares I went up da pole, HARHARHAR!!!

Da Noo Mummy cudn't get the flashy boks ready kwik enuff eech tiem to get a pikshur of me at da top of da pole, coz I goes up and comes down reelly, reelly farst, but she got dis one, heh heh:

It's blurry coz I was muving so farst!

Da Simba declined to go up da pole coz he am a wimp!

Den after we had tired owrselfs owt,

just a cuppla minnits later the visiting "pole cat" caem in and went up and down da pole and up and down da pole and up and down da pole,

and den he played wiv our catnip meeces! Wot a nurve!

Da Pole Cat has grate whiskers tho, I has to admit them's are almoest as long as mien and dey am not as wild, but I lieks my wild whiskers!

He has da laser eyes

but da NM says he gave her a sweet look, as if to say, "Thank you for letting me play". Blech!

Anyhoo, we has to go now coz da Blogger am givving us greef; it keeps eeting owr tekst and pikshurs and signichers and font deffinishuns and stuff and we dussn' kno why. Da NM have tried to find dem lorst amung the HTML but dem issen't dere ieffur. Doh! Oops, da NM am saying Rood Werds! Cloes yur eers Simba, yuo am too yung fur dis langwije (not that I caer, HARHARHAR!). We had moer pikshurs to show frum dis morning, but we carn't taek any moer aggreevashun, so hav a nise weekend everycat and dawg and hammy and bean and evfurry wun...

for Alfie, whose signature has mysteriously disappeared...

:) xxx